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Hello! I'm John, a national adventurer from Bethlehem. I am an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Wilderness Medicine Trainer, Mountain Leader Trainer, and also happen to be your friendly licensed Trekking Guide. I speak fluent English, Arabic and a little bit of French!

Whether you are looking for a challenging hike or a pleasant stroll anywhere in Palestine, I have led them all. If you are a nature lover or thrill seeker, I can offer a variety of exceptional hiking, trekking and camping tours for some unforgettable memories.

During hikes, I strive to cover a range of terrain–– from gentle slopes to strenuous mountains, deep caves and waterfalls to rocky peaks with clear views for miles. The trips are rejuvenating and relaxing, surrounded by beauty and fresh air.

I will take you off the beaten path to see the highlights of the region, meet with locals, experience the real hospitality and taste the authentic delights of the East.

Location: Bethlehem
Spoken Languages: English – Arabic
Phone Number: +970599963937
Email Address:

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