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Hello! I am Mohammad, and I come from a village called Zbuba, located northwest of Jenin on the slopes of the Jezreel Valley, where the population relies largely on agriculture. My favorite place is Jabal al-Bared. My passion for human civilization led me to study archaeology, and I seek to integrate my academic knowledge with Palestine’s uniquely wonderful nature and culture.

Because of my experience in and knowledge of the Jenin, I was asked to guide tours inside the city for visitors. This soon led to an introduction to the world of outdoor hiking. I became the main guide for three hiking trails and also explored and developed new trails in this region. I became a primary point of contact for many tour operators wanting to visit Jenin.

Walking through the Masar provides a clear idea of the geographical diversity across the different areas and natural environments in Palestine, as well as the political situation in the region. Through efforts with Masar Ibrahim, colleagues and I have woven in marginalized rural communities into trail development initiatives via economic development incentives.

Now, I have many friends who are tour guides, and I love to take part in their tours and observe each guide’s personal style. I try to understand the needs of each group and believe my tours are unique; I often feel as if I were the first person to be born here and is still in touch with the land. I see my job as an opportunity to meet new people and spend time in nature, as well as a responsibility to this country in sharing a positive image with the world. I lead in a way that is authentic, unique, and knowledgeable.

Location: Jenin
Spoken Languages: English – Arabic
Phone Number: +970597437949
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