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Hello! I'm Shatha, and I am a licensed trekking tour guide from the little town of shepherds’ field: Beit-Sahour. I speak English and Italian, along with some Spanish and German. I get along very well with all kinds of people, enjoy welcoming visitors from all the over the world, and appreciate the different cultures worldwide. I have significant knowledge of the Palestinian history, culture, socio-economic situation.

I have a Master's degree in International Relations from Italy and a diploma in community trekking and guiding from Bethlehem University. On the field level, I have good knowledge in Palestinian geography and have hiked along Masar Ibrahim trail and the Jesus trail. Currently, I also work with Palestinian refugees.

I am excited to take you on a journey full of treasures following the steps of wild animals, discovering green fields, camping in the desert, living the Bedouin life, feeling the essence of village life, climbing the peaks, and of course, tasting traditional, delicious Palestinian meals.

I love listening to the tweet of the birds and like to share my observations with my groups. Bird lovers, join me! 

I aspire to set an example of a persistent Palestinian woman, who enjoys facing challenges and is ready to climb the summits to grasp the world from above.

Location: Beit Sahour
Spoken Languages: English - Italian - Arabic
Phone Number: +970598515418
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