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Hello! I'm Zaid, and I am a trekking guide from Sebastiya village, one of the most important historical sites in Palestine. I started my journey in tourism 5 years ago when I volunteered with the Sebastiya Cultural Center as Projects and Tours Coordinator. I went onto join the Masar Ibrahim team, which enabled me to professionalize my knowledge and gain deeper experience in the field. 

Recently, I took a course on sustainable tourism at the University of Bologna in Italy, where I worked on a project focused on agricultural tourism in the northern part of the Jordan Valley. I believe that one important key element for my success is my understanding and passion for the landscape and history of my country. 

I have completed courses in Wilderness First Aid and GPS and Maps.

Community-based tourism, for me, is a significant way to introduce people to Palestinian culture. So, I invite you to visit Palestine and meet our genuine people to know more about our causes and taste our delicious cuisine! 

Location: Nablus
Spoken Languages: English – Arabic
Phone Number: +970599789631
Email Address:

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