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Sample Hike

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It is a long and beautiful hike that leads through the picturesque Wadi Qelt where walkers will have a chance to discover the ruins of King Herod’s winter palace and then see the clinging to the side of the rocky canyon Deir al-Quelt (St. George’s Monastery). The view transports visitors to the 4th century when the earliest desert-dwelling monks sought lives of faithful seclusion.

The road becomes easier as it leaves the monastery and heads towards the Roman aqueduct – another spectacular landmark located along that section of the Masar..

Hike Details:

– Length: 18.7 km

– Duration: 5-7 hours

– Category: Moderate

What to bring with you:

– Lightweight walking boots

– Walking poles

– At least 2-3 liters of water and snacks for the walk

– Sunscreen and a hat

– Your camera

– Your passport or Photo ID